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We take this opportunity to introduce our selves as a Mactrol Group of company who has specialized in the field of Motion Control. Each of our products comes with complete Application, Service & Engineering supports. We do not claim to be the bet but provide fast Services, Greater Reliability and fewer Break downs / Spares Sales, which are the few factors that keep our customers satisfied. So, next time you need any kind of solutions concern to our product line, kindly give os a chance to show our prowess. Following are our products we offer:


Fully Digital Variable Frequency AC Drives.

  • V/F, Flux Vector & Field Oriented Control with Open / Close loop vector

  • High Frequency AC Drive (0-3000 Hz.) integrated Gap & Crash Eliminator

  • AC Drive for specialized applications with detachable keypad

  • AC Drives for Normal Frequency with Fiber Optic window

  • All drives available with Ethernet, Profile Bus & Other Popular Industrial Busses


Measuring, Counting & Positioning Systems

  • DRO for Linear moment in mm/inch & Angular moment in DMS

  • Linear Magnetic Encoder/Scale (Non-contact & Non-optical of 1/5/10 Microns)

  • Linear Encoder/Glass Scale (Optical of 1/5/10/25 Microns)7

  • Cut-to-length & Position Controller with built-in Job-counter

  • Flying Shears & other high end controllers


Other Mechatronics Motion Solutions & Turnkey Projects

  • AC Servo Motor with Drives (100 Watt to 600 KW)

  • AC Servo Drives for Standard AC Motors (Squirrel Cage Induction Motors)

  • Turnkey Projects with AC Drive Involving PLC / Touch Screen/ MCC / PCC Panels.


Application Scope of our AC Drive


Process Industries Cement/Sugar/Steel/Oil/Refineries/Food Process/Power Plants etc.:
Belt/Screw Conveyors, Belt/Weight Feeder, Fans: Raw Mills/Cooler Exhaust/Grade Cooler/ Primary Kiln/ ID /FD, Damper, Mixer, Crusher, Pumps, Blowers, Bottle Filling, Centrifuges, Stirrers, Butter Churner, Packaging, Compressor, Distribution Bay, HVAC etc. 
Paper Industries:
Sectional Synchronization, Main Line Shaft, Pulper, Refiner, Vacuum Pump, Fan Pump, Rewinder, Disburser, Hi-con Pulper, ID/FD Fans, Misc Pumps in Pulp Mill, Conveyor. 
Machine Tools
Grindings, Millings, Lathes, Plano-millers, Press, Drilling, Extruders, Wire Drawings, Rolling, Gear Test Benches, Industrial Cutters, Punching machines, Winders, Synthetic Material Pulling Machine etc. 
Man made fibre, Spinning (Ring/Speed Frames, Suction in Autocorner, TFO, Carding etc.) Weaving Machine, Sectional Warping Machine, Hot stretch & dipping lines, ID Fans, Singeing, Rotary Press, Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Mercerizing, Cloth Processing and Knitting Machines etc. 
Man & Auxiliary Hosts, Long & Cross Traveling Drives, Passenger Lift with / without ARD Solution. 


Application Scope of DRO, Scales, Cut to length Controls


Machines Like: Milling, Boring, Planners, lathes, Cut-to-length, Shearing, Press, Rotary Tables etc. 
Out Major Reputed Customers in India are PMT, MKL, Bosch, Parishudh, Timken, SKF, FAG, NRB, NBC, GKN, Tata Group, HVTL, HVAL, Shree Parasnath Re-rolling Mills, LML, Centuri Enka, Delphi Group, Ester, JMT Auto, CTC India, Mahindra & Mahindra, Escosrts, Yogendra, Spectra Bottling, Sagar cement, Uttam Sugar, Alps Industries, Birla Yamaha, Bajaj Auto, Godrej, Asok Leyland, Sidharth Paper, Sidheshwari Paper, shri Ramchander Staw, Shriram Straw, Bhageshwari Paper, Demag Crance, Ruchira Paper, Smit Agro, Dev Priya Fibers, Ganga Paper, Kawatra Paper, Three Star Paper, KR Pulp, Paswara Paper & many more… 

Total Customer Satisfaction is our goal, in view of this; we provide the following facilities for better and prompt services after sales:

  • On line Modem connectivity and Server diagnostics.

  • 24 Hours Mobile service cell.

  • Service Centers at 10 points in all over India.

  • Complete Turnkey installation facility.

  • Complete repair facility up to component Level.

  • Max. 24 hours service at any service point within the country & 4-6 hours for direct service center.

We are enclosing here with the product catalogue for our kind reference & request you to kindly let us know about your requirement/application details with ratings to get our best and reliable solution.


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